Discovery 1 Park

Where Oklahoma Oil Began!

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Entrance of Johnstone Park

Bartlesville, OK


Rig Exhibit – Year-round, every day.

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About the Park

The state’s oil boom of the early 20th century began in Bartlesville, Indian Territory, in 1897 when the Nellie Johnstone No. 1 well became the first commercial oil discovery in what would become Oklahoma.

At Discovery 1 Park, see a full-size replica of the “cable tool” drilling rig that made this landmark discovery.

Pre-arranged group tours can watch the rig operate and erupt with a spectacular “gusher” reminiscent of this historic event.

Group Tours

Includes operating rig and gusher demonstration.


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More than $700,000 in donations helped created this exhibit.

Additional funds are needed to create and adjacent Visitor Center and other improvements.

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